Camp Pineapple Ep. 4 | How to Make DIY Friendship Bracelets for 18″ Dolls (Video)

Hey guys! Once again, I’m sorry I’ve been slacking on posting regularly – I actually just got back to school yesterday, and I’ve been super busy with that plus volleyball and keeping up with my other blogs!

I’m super excited for today’s video – it’s the second-to-last episode in the Camp Pineapple series! I worked super hard on it, and I hope you guys enjoy. Friendship bracelets bring back so many memories of summer camp, and I’m really sad summer’s over for me!

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Welcome back to the Arts & Crafts Corner at Camp Pineapple! Today, you’ll learn how to make an easy DIY craft, Doll Friendship Bracelets, that’s perfect for your American Girl Dolls. This craft for kids is easy, fast, and fun, and you can do it in 10-20 minutes!

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(For music, intro, and outro credits, please click here.)

(P.S. Quick shoutout to Madi, she recommended this album to me!)

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Camp Pineapple: Episode 3 | Facing Fears (A Photostory)

Tenney was peacefully enjoying a dream about accepting her 19th Grammy Award when an annoying beeping sound startled her awake.

She sat up in her bed – but instantly got hit in the face! “Owww!” She groaned. She lied back in bed, rubbing her, head, confused.

Just then, she heard someone walking through the door, and the lights turned on. She blinked, adjusting to her surroundings. Then she remembered: she was at camp!

“Rise and shine, Phoenix cabin! We need to get dressed and then we’ll head on over to the Mess Hall for breakfast.”

Paris groaned and yawned loudly, while Tenney pulled the covers over her head, moaning.

At breakfast, Tenney munched her food thoughtfully. She felt a little out of place here, and sort of missed home. But she would never admit that to Paris or Jade. “So, what are we doing today?” Paris asked Jade, taking a big bite of bacon.

“Well, after flag and cabin cleanup, we have specialty until lunch. Paris, you’re in basketball this week, right?” Paris nodded. “And Tenney, this week you’re doing music.”

“Cool!” Tenney says, forgetting about her homesickness. She started to imagine herself impressing the whole specialty with her musical talent and songwriting skills.

“And after lunch, we have ropes!”

Tenney instantly stopped imagining, paused her eating, and froze. She could almost hear a record scratch, like in cartoons. “Wait, we have ropes today?”

“Yeah! There’s the Zipline, the Screamer, the Leap of Faith, the Bushwacker, and the Ropes Course. We have a really small cabin this year, so you guys could go on every single ropes if you want to!”

“Yes!” Paris exclaimed happily. “Last year I couldn’t even do any because I had, like, six girls in my cabin – and one of them got stuck at the top of the Leap Of Faith and started crying. They actually had to belay her down, which I think is scarier than actually going on the Leap.”

“What’s the Leap of Faith?” Tenney asked, her heart even beating a little faster at the thought of being dozens of feet in the air, with nothing but a harness and rope to hold her.

“You have to climb up this really shaky pole, and then you have to stand up on top of it, and then you have to jump off of the pole and try to grab the bar. If you don’t grab the bar, you fall for a few seconds and then it catches you and they belay you down. It’s so fun!”

“Doesn’t sound that fun to me,” Tenney muttered. “Um, what else is there?”

“The Screamer is like a giant swing – there’s a huge platform you jump off of , and then you swing back and forth. And the Bushwacker is another big platform, but you have to do a ropes course to get up there, and then you swing around in this huge circle. It’s awesome! And in the Zipline, there’s a tightrope you walk across (but there’s ropes you can hold on to), and you step off of the platform and zip around the woods. And the ropes course is really easy – it’s pretty self explanatory. I mean, it’s a ropes course.”

“Wow. I think I’m going to do the…” Tenney took a deep breath. “…ropes course?”

“Nice choice!” Jade said. “I went on that one during training week. It was awesome!”

Tenney forced herself to choke down a cinnamon roll. Suddenly, she wasn’t so hungry anymore.

“That was INSANE!” Paris squealed happily as Phoenix Cabin walked along the trail to the Ropes Course. “The zipline is my all-time favorite. We were so high! Ugh, I loved it!”

Jade high-fived her. “Too bad Tenney didn’t want to do it! But it was fun being your zip partner. We rocked! Are you sure you don’t want to do anything else, Ten? Just the Ropes Course?”

“I’m sure,” she said nervously, still regretting her decision to do ropes at all.

“Hi! You guys must be from Phoenix. I’m Kisha! I’m going to be your Ropes Coach for the Ropes Course today. Which one of you guys is doing the Course?”

Reluctantly, Tenney raised her hand. “I’m doing it.” She felt sick to her stomach, and her legs shook – and she was still on the ground! But something inside her told her that she needed to do this. She needed to face her fears.

She was shaking as Kisha clipped on her harness. “Tenney, are you sure you want to do this?” Tenney nodded reluctantly. “Let’s pray before you go up there.”

They all embraced in a group hug as Kisha and Jade prayed together. …and please keep Tenney safe, and help her to be confident and trust in you. Help her to know that you’re with her every moment. Amen!”

“You ready?” Kisha asked.

“I-” she looked up again, at the course, and suddenly it didn’t seem so high anymore.

“I’m ready.”

Kisha clipped the rope to her harness. “Can I get spotters over here?” Paris and Jade came over to the rope ladder and held their hands up. “Spotters ready?”

“Ready,” they said. “Belay secure?”

“Belay secure.” She turned to Tenney. “Climber ready?”

She took a deep breath. “Ready.”

“Climb on!”

She stepped onto the ladder, starting to think that this wasn’t so bad. She climbed up and up, getting past the rungs easily…until she reached the top.

“You can do it, Tenney!” Paris cheered.

That was when she looked down, realizing how tiny Paris and Jade and Kisha looked, and her stomach did a backflip. She held on to the ladder so tightly her knuckles turned white!

“God,” she prayed. “Please give me the courage to keep going.”

Suddenly, the shaky, scared feeling melted away. Bravely, she grabbed the first obstacle….

And then the next….

….And the next!

She was shaking with adrenaline, and still kind of scared. But this was actually kind of fun!

Finally, she made it to the tree on the other side, where a counselor was waiting to catch her and belay her down to where Kisha stood at the stump of the tree. “Did you have fun?” He asked.

“Yeah,” Tenney said. “I actually did.”

Thanks for reading! I really hope you enjoyed this post, I worked so hard on it! Here’s some fun facts about this post:

  • I photographed this backwards over a span of three weeks!
  • The Bushwacker, Screamer, Leap of Faith, and Zipline are all real rope courses at my camp I go to every summer!
  • Tenney “put on a jacket” in the middle of the series because I couldn’t find the hoodie!
  • I used my little sister’s actual mini “ninja warrior” course for this photo story!
  • The woods were background-swapped (but you could probably tell :P) and this was photographed in my front yard!

What was the coolest fun fact? Have you ever been on a ropes course? Are you excited about this series?

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PPS: Diamond, your craft will be featured in the next video episode!

Camp Pineapple | Episode 1: Making New Memories (A Photostory)

Paris smiled widely, taking a deep breath of the fresh, woodsy air. Here she was, finally, at the place that was basically her second home: Camp Pineapple.

The past couple of months had been kind of hard for her, with so many new things and new people and places since moving to AGA. Being back here at Camp felt like everything would be back to normal, even if it was only for the summer.

Just then, Tenney came running, panting. “Ugh! It’s so hard to walk through the mud in my brand-new shoes! This stinks. Why did I have to come here, again?”

Paris rolled her eyes. “Because you really wanted to, remember? All of the other girls didn’t get to go, and now you’re here, complaining. Felicity or Z or even Isabel would’ve been super grateful.”

“Puh-LEASE don’t compare me to the other girls! I don’t care. I just care about getting to the cabin so I can wash off my shoes!”

Paris rolled her eyes again and sighed. “Hopefully we’re in Jade’s cabin! She won’t tell us what cabin we’re in, even though she knows.”

Just then, a little stand in the corner caught her eye. “OMG!” Paris ran over to the stand. “Lanie! What’s up?”

“Hi, Paris! This must be Tenney! Nice to see you girls again!” Lanie said. “You guys are in Phoenix Cabin.”

“Yay, I heard that one has a loft! I guess you’re not my counselor again this year?”

“Nope, sorry, I’m in Sundown this year,” Lanie shook her head. “You guys can write your names here to sign in. Phoenix is right behind the Sanctuary, next to Buckhorn and Sterling City.”

“Oh yeah! I was in Buckhorn the year before last year!” Paris exclaimed. She thought of all the memories from the four summers she’d spent so far at this camp, and felt even more excited. Not even Tenney’s complaining could ruin it!

They signed their names and Paris led Tenney over to Phoenix cabin. The door squeaked a little as they opened it and stepped inside.

“JADE!” Tenney and Paris squealed happily, running over to greet their sister/dormmate. “I’m so happy you’re our counselor!”

“Me too!” Jade smiled. “I wanted it to be a surprise! We spent all day yesterday getting ready for this session. Ahh, I’m so happy to be a counselor this year!”

“I’m definitely going to be a CIT when I’m in eighth grade,” Paris said. “And then, of course, a counselor!”

“Good plan!” Jade laughed. “Here’s y’alls bunks – we picked up most of your luggage, so your backpacks and trunks are already here.”

“I call top bunk!” Paris shouted, scrambling to the top to claim her spot. She lied down on the comfy bed, and closed her eyes, thinking about how awesome this summer was going to be.

But then she was interrupted. “Fine! Bottom bunk is more mature, anyways,” Tenney said snottily, pouting as she threw her bag onto the bottom bunk and crawled in.

“Tenney, please don’t be obnoxious! I had bottom bunk two years in a row, and it was awesome because I could make a fort and it’s super cozy.” Paris tried as hard as she could to show Tenney that the bottom bunk is fine.

“I guess.” Tenney propped up her pillows, pulled out her phone, and started texting.

“Tenney, you can’t have phones at camp, except for cell phone Sunday every other week,” Jade reminded her.

“NOOOOOO!!!!!!” Tenney wailed. “Every other WEEK?! But, but- YOU get to have one!”

“Only because I need to be able to call in case of emergency, and I use it to talk to my family, and NOT just to check social media,” Jade said firmly. “Hand it over.”

Reluctantly, Tenney gave up her phone. “But, couldn’t they make an exception for me? I am a CELEBRITY, after all.”

Jade said, “Tenney, it was your choice to come to this camp. You should’ve known you just have to be a regular kid for the summer here.” Tenney didn’t say anything. “I’ll go put this in my room. You guys can get settled in and chill for a little bit, and then we’re going to have a bonfire tonight! It’s a camp tradition.”

“I can’t wait!” Paris said. She closed her eyes again, picturing everything she loved about this place, and slowly drifted off into a light sleep. She dreamed of the best summer she could ever imagine.

The fire flickered before Paris, illuminating the smiling, laughing faces of her and her cabinmates. Tenney softly strummed her guitar, the sound echoing throughout the woods.

Tenney hummed softly, then started to sing. “Gather round, gather round, the campfire tonight; You and me, singing in the starlight.”

“This where our dreams come true, by the campfire, with me and you.”

“Oh, please don’t go away, summer, please just stay; So I can sing by the campfire, with you.”

Jade and Paris clapped, Tenney smiling as she strum the last note on her guitar. “That was…” Paris gushed in awe. “That was incredible.”

“I just made it up,” Tenney shrugged, blushing. She smiled even wider now. She started to strum the tune to her song again. Softly, Paris joined in, harmonizing with her. Jade started singing, too.

Paris saw how happy and peaceful Tenney looked, and started to think that maybe Tenney really does want to be here. She just doesn’t want to show it because she feels out of place. Paris looked at Tenney, heard her beautiful voice and saw her joyful smile, and knew that she was right.

And together, they sung by the campfire, laughing and smiling as they welcomed what was going to be the best summer yet.

โ˜† โ˜† โ˜†

I really hope you guys like this photo story! I worked so hard on it, and I’m really proud of how the photos turned out (especially the campfire ones, those were hard to do! ๐Ÿ˜‰) I’m back from camp and I had the BEST TIME EVER. I miss it so much already! This series is going to be inspired by all of the adventures I had at camp. I’m really looking forward to this series!

Have you ever been to summer camp? Are you and your dolls going to be doing Camp Pineapple? Did you like this episode? What do you think of the campfire photos?

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Setting Up American Girl Doll Sleepaway Summer Camp Cabin!

Hey guys! Paris and Tenney are heading off to Camp Pineapple as campers and Jade as their counselor in Phoenix Cabin! Check out this fun, relaxing, and weirdly satisfying (lol) video about making a summer camp cabin for American Girl Dolls. It’s the perfect place for the Camp Pineapple campers to hang out in this awesome doll room!

*Credits in the video’s description*

I have this shelf unit in the doll room I use as a photography/video/stop motion studio that worked perfectly as a cute cabin for a summer camp! I’m literally SO EXCITED for my sleep away camp – only like 2 more weeks! Ahhh I can’t wait.

So, some of you guys who’ve been following AGW since the beginning might remember this terribly cringey photo story series I posted, which was literally called “What My Dolls Did While I Was Gone” and was exactly that. As usual, it was super dramatic and very cheesy. XD

So I thought about doing a sequel series, (kinda like what Together is going to be!) but then I thought, “Wouldn’t it be so much more fun if the dolls were actually AT camp?” So, I decided, I’m doing a summer camp series!

It’s going to be full of photo stories, crafts, guest posts, games, activities, and a ton of fun! I have the DD surprise, my other blog, Together, a contest coming up, and my summer camp and vacations to work on, too, so for the next few weeks I’ll be filming/photographing/writing the episodes to be scheduled as posts throughout the summer, so that way I can focus on my other projects and have a fun series for you guys!

I’m super excited for this series, and I hope you guys like it too! Of course, the dolls need a cabin for Camp Pineapple (their summer camp in the series!), so in this video, I set up a cute summer camp cabin for the dolls! I hope you guys enjoyed, and don’t forget to subscribe to the American Girl World YouTube channel (we recently hit 50 subs, ahhh)!

And now, for some *drumroll please* behind the scenes photos!

Are you excited for the new series? Aren’t the BTS pics hilarious? Do you like the cabin? What do you think of my new profile picture?

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