134 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogs

    1. A button is just an image that you have your logo on and you post it on a page (like on beautiful blogs, but don’t copy my title) than you put other peoples buttons on that page and they put yours up. Megan from a barefoot gal makes buttons, so you could ask her.

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  1. Dear Emmie,
    It is your friend Emily Dickinson here. Enni and I are ever so sorry for the delay, but we have finally replied to your message! So if you could, it would be lovely for you to check your inbox.

    Thank you!

    Warm Regards,
    Emily Dickinson


      1. Ok, getting yours up too! Which one? I know that I need to reply to one but I’ve just been very busy the past couple of weeks with school and extracurriculars and music and such…

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      1. My mom says yes! She just said if it goes past Monday I won’t be able to finish it. She wants me to focus on school when it starts this Tuesday. I can’t wait to do your design!

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