I’m back.

Felicity is back! go check out her post for free marshmallows!

The Diary of a Doll

Hello, everybody.

So, I’ve been gone for like, 3 months.

I’m sorry, ok? I was super busy with back-to-school and road trips and sleep-away Horse Camp.  And….I kinda forgot I had a blog??

i-deserve-better-meme What you guys are all screaming at me right now^

But really, all that matters is I’m back, and ready for an amazing new year of DoD.

but I’m definitely not the same Lissie who posted American Girl Store Trip!  4 months ago. But, I’m still the crazy horse girl who loves to attack people with gifs you love.

On a totally relevant note, I went to a horse competition today. I got third place out of the 250 dolls in my age group! Here’s a pic of me and Galaxy celebrating:


Most awesome,


PS I think I’m gonna redo my site design again. I don’t know how I shout Tojotours with a teal background looked sane.

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